Peeking door viewer made in the USA.

Peek-O now comes in a new finish:

US-15 Satin Nickel

peeko peep hole

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HOME PROTECTOR MFG. CO., INC. manufactures PEEK-O Revolving Door Viewers designed for use in residences, apartments, commercial and professional buildings.


Peeko door viewer units are manufactured in all standard finishes. The wide angle door viewers are Made in the United States for over 60 years, significantly enhancing door security. Peek-O is approved by Board of Standards and Appeals for use in New York City under Cal. No. 663-67-SM.


Peephole, door viewer units are for doors 1" to 2" inches thickness.

View the "Finishes" page for a complete review of standard finishes.


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Door Viewer peephole

Wide angle door viewer