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Peek-o 180º Revolving Door Viewers are available in all standard finishes!

peeko finishes
Peeko US-26D

Peek-O door viewer is one of those pride-of-ownership details home buyers remember and appreciate. It’s the best available peephole for door.


Engineered to provide a full 140 degree of visibility for peeking:

  • Revolves to provide an extra measure of safety a 40 degree extra view.

  • Stamped brass components

  • Finest crystal glass lenses

  • Enhances front door hardware








Benefits of Revolving Door Viewers


Everyone looking for door security hardware should know the fantastic benefits gained by purchasing and installing a door viewer. Below are some of the tremendous values of Peeko-O revolving door viewers:

  • Wider Angle View

The enhanced feature of the peeko revolving peephole for door is the 180 degree view outside of the door without being detected from the outside. This clever design serves as and effective door security screen.

  • User Friendly and Versatile

Our door viewers are easy to install, revolve to provide extended view and an extra measure of safety. In addition to the user friendly features, all of our door viewers are available in most standard finishes, at quantity discount rates for distributors.

  • Easy to Install

Peek-O, high-quality door viewers are convenient and easy to install. Most people can self install these units by following instructions on how to drill an adequate hole in the door. Our door viewer’s magical crystal glass peephole lens, provides a clear view of the outside, even if the area is not well-lit.

The Viewing Angle

We at Home Protector MFG Co, Inc. manufacture Peek-O branded door viewers that are perfect for all types of doors. Our door viewers are designed to provide a unique peeking experience. If you are looking for a quality door viewer with an extended viewing angle, our 180⁰ patented revolving view hardware is the right choice.

Peek-O is the leading door viewer manufacturer in the US with over 60 years track record. Our easy to install premium products can deter home robbers. The large door viewer peephole can be spotted from a safe distance, making it less likely for an ill intended person to approach the front door.

For every home needing a new door viewer or replacement for and old peephole, Peek-O is a wise investment. We offer high quality products in standard finishes, this hardware will last for decades, increasing buyer confidence, resulting in return customers.

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Due to the increased number of thefts, robberies, and burglaries, home security is everyone's top priority. Relying on security systems alone is not enough, often times these high tech security installations come with a significant price tag as well. Every homeowner wishes to have additional security measures to increase safety, within their budget. Front doors are the primary entry points of a home. Peek-O door viewers are perfect for aesthetically enhancing safety, in the same time increasing the value of a property. With the aid of wide angel revolving door peepholes available in standard finishes, peeking out to see who is standing outside the front door is increased from 140 to 180 degrees view.

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