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Peek-O is a leading bran for “Pride of Ownership” products. Our door viewers were installed over half a century, serving a significant customer base globally. After successfully manufacturing door viewers for over 60 years, Peek-O launched a new designer brand, merchandising section, where you can purchase Peek-O branded products online. You can now shop for beautiful Peek-O original: T-Shirts, crop tops, hoodies, mugs, with many new product in the pipeline. Hurry up! These elegant products are just a few clicks away!

Our Peek-O branded products are perfect for all ages. They are made from quality materials suitable for men and woman. If you are a coffee lover, enjoy your refreshing drink from our adorable Peek-O white ceramic cup, easy to hold. Buy these mugs now, to add a splash of freshness to your morning coffee!

Check out our unisex T-shirts selection, cleverly designed for any body type. These classic T-shirts are available in a variety of colors in any size needed. You can now buy these charming branded products only at No need to sign up as you can buy these products directly right here!

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