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Door viewer installation instruction with door peephole mounting height specifications. Documents made available for download on this page, detail the optimal installation for efficient door security.

Door viewer positioning is clearly defined on the attached installation sheet.

prek-o revolving door viewer
peek-o door viewer

Door Viewer Installation

A door viewer is essential for every home's safety by allowing peeking to the other side without opening the door. One of the benefits of Peek-O door viewers is the ease of installation. You can create an effective door security screen in with minimal effort. We at Home Protector MFG Co, Inc. are manufacturing reliable and high-quality door viewers for the past 60 years. Our door peepholes are not only premium quality but also easy to install. Revolving door viewers are available in various finishes but the installation process is the same for all units.

Required Tools for Installation

Our easy to use door pee holes are made of high-quality materials and can be safely installed by following our user instructions. Below is a list of tools required to install a Peek-O door viewer:

  • Cordless drill

  • Tape measure

  • 1/2-in. brad point drill for wood doors

  • 1/2-in. high-speed steel bit for metal doors

Instructions for Installation

Door viewer installation is straightforward, below is a guide on how to install your peephole on doors in just a few steps:

Step 1: Check

  • Before you start your installation, it is essential to make sure you have the right size drill bit

  • Make sure drill bit is secured into the cordless drill

Step 2: Measure and Mark

  • Precisely determine the height for the hole to accommodate an efficient peeking for all residents

  • Always use a tape measure to determine the proper position for the peephole in a door

  • After measuring, mark the center point where the security door viewer will be mounted

Step 3: Drill

  • After marking, make sure that the drilling equipment is working properly

  • Double check the measurements, only after that drill a hole in the marked area

  • Start drilling at a slow speed by applying very little pressure

  • Frequently stop the drilling and check progress

  • Always drill at 90 degrees until the tip of the drill bit emerges

  • Now, stop the drill and finish the drilling from the other side of the door

Step 4: Mount the Door Viewer

  • Unscrew the two parts of the viewer( lens & barrel ).

  • From the exterior side, insert the lens of the viewer into the hole

  • From the interior side, insert the barrel into the hole

  • Screw both parts of the viewer tightly

Step 5: Complete the Installation

  • Tighten the mounting screws

  • Door viewer is completely installed now.

By carefully planning, measuring and following the installation instructions above, you can easily install your door viewer in just a few minutes. We at not only provide branded, high quality door viewers but also guide our customers on how to install and use our products. Installation guides are included as the packaging material or available in electronic PDF file format download-able from this page.

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