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Peeking door viewer made in the USA.

peeko peep hole

Peek-O now comes in a new finish:

US-15 Satin Nickel

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peeko unit package

HOME PROTECTOR MFG. CO., INC. manufactures PEEK-O Revolving Door Viewers designed for use in residences, apartments, commercial and professional buildings.


Peeko door peepholes are manufactured in most standard finishes. The wide angle door viewers are Made in the United States for over 60 years, significantly enhancing door security. Peek-O is approved by Board of Standards and Appeals for use in New York City under Cal. No. 663-67-SM.


Peephole, door viewer units are for doors 1" to 2" inches thickness.

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Peek-O is featured on several movie production sets

Happy to see our door viewer having an important role in enhancing the visual effects for the thrilling scenes.

Check out the "Columbus Circle" movie official trailer to see the Peek-O revolving feature and optical capabilities.

What is a Door Viewer?


A door viewer, also referred to as peephole for door, is a small magical, visual opening in a door, enabling the owner of this hardware to see from inside, the entrance area outside, without opening the door. Door peepholes are usually installed on entry doors but also used to enable peeking inside a room where necessary, creating an effective door security screen. If strangers are spotted outside first, an informed decision can be made before opening the front door. Revolving door viewers also referred to as revolving peepholes, provide a more extensive range of view. Peek-O is the leading premium door viewer brand in Canada, Mexico and the USA, known for it's distinctive design and high quality.

Why is a Door Viewer Needed?


Home safety is one of the top priority in everyone's life, a single burglary can harm personal property to a great extent. For individuals considering enhancing security of their homes, peeko door viewers are the best optical security devices made in the USA. Homes with one or multiple entrances can benefit from the presence of these quality peepholes, creating a safer environment. Peek-O door peepholes are designed with a fish-eye lens technology that allow very little visibility from the outside, protecting everybody inside the property.

Why Choose US?

Are you thinking of adding high quality door peepholes to your hardware portfolio? Then no need to wander around, Peek-O units are Revolving Door Viewers specially designed for residences, apartments, commercial and professional buildings. This wide angle large door viewer is Made in the United States and significantly enhance door security. We provide high quality premium products..

Where are we located?


We are based in the USA, producing door viewers for over 60 years. Home Protector MFG. Co, Inc. is a proud manufacturing company of high-quality revolving door viewers for markets in Canada, Mexico, and the US. We pride ourselves in manufacturing Peek-O branded premium products, fulfilling door security and "Pride of Ownership" needs.

Where to use Door Viewers?


Peek-O Revolving Door Viewers are designed for all types of doors, including; residential, commercial, and professional buildings. These peepholes are designed for doors that are 1 to 2 inches in thickness. Front doors are the main target for peeko units.A door viewer peephole can be easily installed after drilling an adequate hole in a door, at the preferred height. The list does not stop here, our peepholes are used in office buildings, medical facilities and were featured in Hollywood production movies utilizing the revolving feature of our units, to visually scenes, amplifying the suspense effect. Because of the revolving and optical capabilities of the Peek-O design, our hardware was also used for robot eyes in scifi films.


If you want to extend your door hardware offering with high-quality door peepholes, than Peek-O can surpass your expectations. We are always here to provide you quality service! Our door viewers are exclusively sold through our distribution channel, for more information complete the form on the “Let's Talk” page. Make your door security stronger by embracing a US manufactured product!

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